Data Hosting: The Advantages of Hosting in Ireland

Some really interesting numbers about the advantages of Data Hosting in Ireland

Data hosting Infographic compliments of Equinix Ireland and Host in Ireland

Data Hosting, The benefits of Ireland

One of the most important services of the Data Hosting industry is Compliance with the Data Protection Act.

Data Hosting Ireland

Data theft and the potential financial consequences of that theft means it is now more important than ever to ensure that hard drives being replaced and disposed of use data destruction and disposal procedures that are absolutely secure.

Here at Electronic Recycling we have a total commitment to secure data destruction and hard drive shredding. We are also committed to finding way to combine absolute data security with the Circular Economy and the CSR efforts of our customers.

See our Data Destruction page

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President Trump, Brexit and the Environment



Hopefully the latest shift of power in the USA, combined with the recent Brexit vote to leave the EU, who define most of our environmental policies, will not reverse the drive towards a permanently sustainable environment for all.

What’s the point of a successful economy if the environment we have to live in is a sewer?


Ireland has been making some progress but the latest report from the EPA shows that there is much still to do  

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive of 2005 (re-cast in 2012) is an example of how environmental legislation can drive the management of waste in a more sustainable direction.

Even with the WEEE Directive in full force, we still only manage to collect and treat about 35% of the 10 million Tonnes of waste electronics generated in the EU every year.

The Paris COP21 signed by 197 countries this year (so far ratified by 103 countries) is an example of environmental policies that can only be agreed if the global community are on board, especially the larger and more affluent countries. The COP21 is the first such agreement that the USA has ever signed up to.

Electronic Recycling are actively involved in collecting and managing WEEE in Ireland, committed to being part of the solution of the EU target to collect and treat 65% of all electronic equipment placed on the market.