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With IT purchasing decisions, Sustainability takes Second Place to the Bottom Line
 Mon, 27th Feb, 2023
There is no escaping the effects of the climate crisis but differences of opinion exist on...

UNITAR Update of WEEE Collection Rates, Targets, Flows, and Hoarding – 2021
 Wed, 21st Dec, 2022
The European Union (EU) Directive 2002/96/EC and Directive 2012/19/EU. have legislated Waste...

Almost 50% of WEEE in the EU is not recycled properly
 Wed, 7th Dec, 2022
A new study suggests that nearly half of all discarded waste electrical and electronic equipment...

A “real” Common Charger for Mobile Devices will be a reality in 2024
 Wed, 5th Oct, 2022
The EU finally fixes a problem they attempted to address in 2013 when they mandated a standard...

64,856 tonnes of WEEE collected in Ireland in 2020
 Fri, 16th Sep, 2022
WEEE statistics for Ireland 2020 The Irish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) waste data...

Data Security: The Correct Disposal of IT Equipment Containing Sensitive Data
 Fri, 9th Sep, 2022
You have recently upgraded your IT hardware, who looks after data security for your old IT...

Computer Hard Drives
 Thu, 7th Jul, 2022
3.5" 500Gb Hard Drives in Boxes of 20

Have you ever had a “finger wagging” tirade about protecting the environment from and 18 to 24 year old?
 Mon, 16th May, 2022
Well, a recent survey commissioned by WEEE Ireland into Irish E-waste WEEE recycling habits...

Happy St Patrick's Day
 Tue, 15th Mar, 2022
Wishing all our customers and suppliers a Happy St Patrick's Day. We will be closed from 5:00pm...

Buying Local Drives The Multiplier Effect
 Fri, 10th Dec, 2021
€1 spent on a local business leads to €0.45 cent being re-invested locally as opposed to a...

Electronic Recycling Updated ISO9001-2015 Certification
 Mon, 27th Sep, 2021
Electronic Recycling are delighted to announce the updating of our ISO9001-2015 Certification

Repairing and the right to repair is the first step to reducing e-waste from smartphones.
 Fri, 30th Jul, 2021
As the sales of smartphones has skyrocketed their contribution to the e-waste stream has also...

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