Data Security: The Correct Disposal of IT Equipment Containing Sensitive Data

 Wed, 25th May, 2022

You have recently upgraded your IT hardware, who looks after the data security of your old IT equipment? ** Is it secure? **

Organisations need to be extremely careful when disposing of IT equipment that contains sensitive data. There are many reports of computers, with their hard drives intact, being found in open markets in Ireland and in the third world.

Second-hand computers and computer hard drives bought on eBay’s Irish website have been found to contain customer Bank, Laser and Credit-Card account details, car registration information, staff PPS numbers, internal corporate information and e-mail details.

With the recent increase in flexible “Work from Home” positions, home-based employees now manage more and more sensitive company and client data to their personal computers,

When replacing or disposing of end of life IT equipment, organisations and managers responsible for data security, need to ask their new equipment vendor, waste service provider or facilities manager, what exactly happens to their equipment once it leaves their control.

Electronic Recycling provide a range of services which address all of the above issues on behalf of our clients and when we say data has been destroyed……….. It has been destroyed.   We Shred Hard Drives